Ceton <3 The Green Button

When the Ceton Companion mobile apps launch at the end of this month we will provide a full setup guide, knowledgebase, FAQ and the overall great support that we’re known for. We’ll be delivering support for the Companion a bit differently than we do for our InfiniTV tuners however.

Today we are excited to announce a support partnership with The Green Button forums (http://www.TheGreenButton.tv)  for the upcoming Ceton Companion. We thought long and hard about how to best support Companion users and, after syncing up with our friends at The Green Button, the answer soon became clear. By combining Ceton Support with the awesome team and all the experienced Media Center users at The Green Button, we knew we could deliver a great support experience for everyone.

The Green Button has been providing Media Center users and enthusiasts with an amazing and ad free online community for the past few years. Since the Ceton Companion will work with any Windows Media Center PC with any television tuner we knew that the huge knowledgebase already established at The Green Button would be a big help to our customers. Starting today you will see a brand new Ceton Product area on TGB where Ceton support staff and engineers will team up with The Green Button staff and users to answer any questions you might have about the Companion. You will also see newly-added InfiniTV and Echo forums for those products as well.

While the primary support resource for the Ceton Companion apps will be on The Green Button, primary support for InfiniTV and upcoming devices like the Echo and Q will still be handled through our support ticketing system at http://www.cetoncorp.com/support/.

We want to thank everyone at The Green Button for their support and for being amazing! We’d also like to congratulate The Green Button on their latest milestone of reaching 2,000 members! You can start to browse The Green Button Ceton Forums and their announcement right now.