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Ceton InfiniTV Support - Beta Drivers

(updated March 29th, 2013) - Changelog
Beta drivers are provided by Ceton as a preview release. Beta drivers are under qualification testing and may include significant issues. It is the end user's responsibility to protect their system and data when using any Beta driver. It is strongly recommended that end users back up all the data prior to using Beta drivers from this site. Beta drivers posted here do not carry any warranties or support services.

Download (Windows 8 Pro with Media Center) - BETA DRIVER: Ceton InfiniTV Installer (
sha1sum: 9c86d4748e7c46316ed336920d8f077baad8356e

  • Updated Diagnostics for Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet
  • Include beta USB driver for Windows 8 Pro
  • Fix for over 4 tuners in Media Center. This release only support 64-bit Windows.

Download (Windows 7 SP1) - BETA DRIVER: Ceton InfiniTV Installer (
sha1sum: a6b82e16d736ed1832dee59c5451dc14f4403ba2

  • Updated Diagnostics for Ceton InfiniTV 6 Ethernet
  • USB stability improvements. Deprecated diagnostic Media Center addin.
  • Diagnostics improvements
  • 2012.10.23.0732: Fixed issue where sometimes installation fails. Fixed installation of Tuning Adapter services. Enabled verbose logging on install to help determine installation issues.
  • 2012.08.28.0019: New diagnostic tool with access to new (currently Beta) Firmware updates. Also stability improvements for Tuning Adapter driver.
  • 1.5.4295.11: Integrated Network Tuners into installer. Added Media Center app for Diagnostics.
  • Fixes for using multiple InfiniTVs with multiple Tuning Adapters
  • Allow for silent installation with "/S" flag
  • Fix crash in diagnostic tool. Improve discovery time
  • Resign drivers with non-expired cert. Fixes for bluescreens in tight memory situations. Fixes for handling multiple InfiniTV's with Tuning Adapters.