Ceton Announces Availability of Network Tuners for InfiniTV and Fulfillment of Order Backlog

Free new application enables multiple PCs to access live cable TV programming over the home network from individual tuners on Ceton’s multi-tuner digital cable TV solutions

KIRKLAND, WA — May 9, 2011 Ceton Corporation today announced the release and immediate availability of a free new application that enables Network Tuners on the company’s line of InfiniTV multi-tuner digital cable TV solutions.  The company also announced that the backorder for its popular InfiniTV 4 model has been fulfilled and InfiniTV 4 is now available for immediate shipment for new orders from its retail partners.

“We’re very excited to announce the availability of our highly-anticipated Network Tuner capability in InfiniTV 4, which offers consumers new in-home entertainment scenarios that have never been possible before on any platform,” said Gary Hammer, president and chief executive officer of Ceton Corporation.  “The demand we have seen for InfiniTV 4 has been tremendous and we’re very happy to announce the fulfillment of our large backorder as well.”

Network Tuners enable individual tuners on a Ceton InfiniTV to be assigned to additional PCs, bringing live, premium, high-definition cable TV to multiple Windows 7 PCs in the home.  The new capability is supported on all InfiniTV products and is enabled using a simple setup application that integrates seamlessly with the Windows Media Center user interface, which is now available for free download from the Ceton Support website.

A Ceton InfiniTV-equipped PC with Network Tuners enabled makes exciting new entertainment scenarios possible in the home, including:
  • Up to 4 different PCs can each receive live HDTV cable programming from a single InfiniTV 4-equipped PC, all from one cable TV coax connection (up to 6 PCs will be supported by the company’s upcoming InfiniTV 6 model).
  • Live cable TV programming can be delivered to laptops, Tablet PCs, and All-in-One PCs without a PCIe slot.  Now premium cable TV movies and programs can be recorded on the laptop or Tablet PC and watched later on the plane, in the car, at the airport, or on the go.
  • Additional tuners can be added to the home entertainment environment by adding additional InfiniTV devices, in either internal or external form factors, to the home network.

“Microsoft has been thrilled with the incredible response to Ceton’s InfiniTV 4 product, especially among the Windows Media Center enthusiast community,” said Austin Wilson, director, Windows Ecosystem Marketing at Microsoft Corporation.  “With the introduction of Network Tuner support, Ceton’s InfiniTV brings viewing and recording protected live TV to every Windows 7 PC in the home – even wireless slate and laptop PCs.”

PCs that have a Ceton InfiniTV installed and are running Windows 7 with Windows Media Center natively support high-definition pay TV, including premium cable TV channels, without the need for a separate cable set-top box.  In addition to standard- and high-definition channels, the Ceton solutions also support channels delivered using Switched Digital Video (SDV) via a Tuning Adapter.  A single Ceton InfiniTV with a single multi-stream CableCARD™ (M-Card) and single cable RF connection will support playing and/or recording multiple live channels of high-definition digital cable TV simultaneously, depending on the InfiniTV model used.

About Ceton Corporation Ceton Corporation is developing the next-generation of in-home digital entertainment and communication solutions. Combining stellar hardware and software engineering capabilities with market-making, patent-pending technology, Ceton aims to help unlock the potential of the digital home to unleash a new generation of in-home connected entertainment and communication services for PC and device makers, software developers and consumers. More information about Ceton and its solutions is available at http://www.cetoncorp.com.

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