Ceton Companion NOOK, Kindle Fire HD, iPhone 5, and Updates!

It has been a busy few weeks around here at Ceton. The "Echo" beta is coming up fast and we're really excited for what's planned for this fall. We've also been hard at work on a bunch of updates and features for the Ceton Companion apps and Services and want to update you on what we've been doing. One of the most requested features was for password support between PC and Apps (video demo), which is now available with the latest Companion Services and Apps version 1.2.1 or higher! The iPhone 5 has been out for just about a week now and the Ceton Companion has already been fully updated to take advantage of the extra height of the new screen with version 1.2.9 now available on the App Store. We are not going to lie ... the Ceton Companion flies on the new A6 chip in the iPhone 5.  We are really blown away.

When we launched on the Amazon App Store the Kindle Fire HD wasn't even out yet. Did you know that the Ceton Companion was already approved to work on the new Kindle Fires the day they were released?

One final note is that we are extremely happy to announce that the Ceton Companion is now available on the NOOK Family of Devices by Barnes & Noble on the NOOK app store. You wanted it, so we delivered.  BTW, we also plan to be there at launch of the NOOK HD and HD+ this October!
And don't forget ... You can always check to see if you have the latest Ceton Companion Services by launching the Ceton Companion Config utility on your PC, going to About and checking Your Version against the Latest Version. For support on Ceton Companion, please visit our Support Forum.