Ceton Companion App Beta Launch Details

Today we are pleased to fill everyone in on even more details about the Ceton Companion App beta launch. The number of beta registrations blew us away and we love that everyone is so excited for both the apps and the Ceton Extender. While we would love to let every single person into the Companion App beta it would be nearly impossible for us to manage. We will be rolling out the beta in multiple phases to attempt get as many beta testers in as possible. Throughout the beta process we will continue to push new updates to the apps and services based on feedback from you! Today we have sent out over 500 beta acceptance emails for all 3 of the phone operating systems. If you did not receive an acceptance email today there is still a chance that you will be included in a later phase, as we will be letting more people in every 2 weeks.

Once you have received your official acceptance email you will be given special access to the Ceton Beta Forums and also special instructions how to install the Ceton Services and Ceton Companion Apps to your selected device. We look forward to hearing back from everyone.

These notification emails are for the Ceton Companion App beta only.  Selection and notifications for the Ceton Extender beta will happen in July, as we announced a couple of weeks ago.  Please note that selection for the Companion App beta does not guarantee you have also been selected for the Ceton Extender beta.

Don’t forget to follow the official Ceton Beta on Twitter: @CetonBeta

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