Ceton Companion Apps & Extender Beta Announcement

  Today we are pleased to make two announcements. First is that the Ceton Companion App will be available to ALL Windows Media Center (Windows 7) users. There is no need for new hardware and will simply plug in to your current HTPC. Second is that registration has opened for both the Ceton Companion Apps for Windows Media Center and the Ceton Extender for Windows Media Center. Simply head over to http://beta.cetoncorp.com and fill out the registration form and you will automatically be entered into a chance to participate in the Ceton Companion Apps beta. Selection will take place on or before May 25th and you will receive an email with information as to how to participate in the beta program. Additionally when you register for the Companion Apps beta you also have the ability to register for the Ceton Extender beta. Selection for the Ceton Extender beta will take place on or before July 15th.

Ceton Companion Apps Features:

  • Multiple platforms
    • iPhone (iOS 4.1+)
    • Android  (2.2+)
    • Windows Phone 7 (Mango)
  • Works on any Windows 7 HTPC
  • Browse all of your media center libraries
    • Videos
    • Music
    • Photos
    • Movies
  • Start playback of content on multiple devices
  • Manage and Schedule Recordings
  • Rich meta data for Movies and Television
  • Browse Premieres of upcoming television shows
  • Universally search movies, TV, guide, and more.
  • A whole lot more!
Throughout our Beta process we want to hear back from you our customers. We are extremely interested in your likes, dislikes, feature requests, and just about anything else you want to tell us. We will be sending out surveys each week that will help in making the best mobile applications that we can for you! So go and register now!!! http://beta.cetoncorp.com