Ceton Introduces World’s Most Advanced Digital Cable Tuners for the PC

New Ceton InfiniTV 6 Models Support Six Simultaneous Channels with a Single CableCARD and are Available in Ethernet-attached Network Tuner and PCI Express Form Factors

KIRKLAND, WA – May 13, 2013 – Consumer options for cutting cable bills, decreasing home energy consumption and winning the “what to record” DVR battle just got far easier with the new InfiniTV 6 product line of CableCARD™ multi-tuner devices for Media Center PCs from Ceton Corp.  InfiniTV 6 is available in two models which each incorporate six QAM tuners and require only a single CableCARD.   InfiniTV 6 ETH is a powerful Ethernet-based network tuner that plugs into a router or wired home network and is designed for customers who want to be able to share one or more tuners between multiple PCs on the network.  InfiniTV 6 PCIe connects to a PC via a PCI Express (PCIe) slot and is ideal for configurations where consumers want to use all six tuners on a single PC.  Both InfiniTV 6 models let users watch and/or record up to six live HDTV channels at once from their cable operator and are perfect for whole-home TV viewing when combined with Ceton Echo Widows Media Center Extenders.  With 6 tuners and requiring just a single CableCARD, InfiniTV 6 is the world’s most advanced tuner platform available for the PC. InfiniTV 6 ETH is available starting today at Amazon and Newegg at a Suggested Retail Price of $299.  InfiniTV 6 PCIe will be available at Amazon and Newegg in June 2013 at a Suggested Retail Price of $299.

“Our new InfiniTV 6 product line builds on Ceton’s popular quad-tuner InfiniTV 4 devices and continues our tradition of delivering the absolute best technology and value among digital cable tuner devices,” said Gary Hammer, president and CEO, Ceton Corp.  “Ceton’s business solutions have incorporated six-tuner versions of InfiniTV since 2010, powering more than 750,000 TV screens and displays in hotels, sports stadiums and other commercial environments across North America. We’re very excited to bring this first-of-its-kind technology to consumer homes and extend our product line to offer customers the greatest TV tuner options for the PC.

A Ceton InfiniTV 6-equipped PC makes exciting new entertainment scenarios possible in the home, including:
  • Watching and recording up to six live HD cable channels at once, including premium and encrypted channels like HBO, Showtime and Starz;
  • Streaming live HD channels or recordings to multiple TVs and PCs in the home;
  • Having Digital Video Recording (DVR) available on every TV, using Windows Media Center Extenders like the Ceton Echo;
  • Enjoying cable TV, streaming media services, music, photos, videos and more, all through one device, with the Media Center experience from Microsoft;
  • Eliminating expensive cable box and DVR fees.

All InfiniTV devices are fully compatible with Ceton’s My Media Center mobile apps and Ceton Echo Windows Media Center Extenders. My Media Center lets users manage and control their Windows Media Center experience from mobile devices both inside and outside the home and is available for Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 smartphones, tablets and PCs. The Ceton Echo is a tiny, low-cost, low-power-consumption digital media device that extends the Media Center PC experience, including live TV and multi-room DVR, to other TV sets in the home.

About Ceton

Ceton Corporation is the world leader in digital cable tuner solutions for the PC and is developing the next generation of commercial and in-home digital entertainment technologies. Combining stellar hardware and software engineering capabilities with market-making technology, Ceton aims to help unlock the potential of digital media to unleash a new generation of connected entertainment and communication services. More information about Ceton and its solutions is available at http://www.cetoncorp.com.