Welcome to My Media Center

Today we are excited to announce My Media Center a suite of mobile companion apps for Windows Media Center. My Media Center is a bold re-branding of what was the Ceton Companion.

So why the name change you might ask? My Media Center is the best Windows Media Center mobile app on the market and a great solution for any Windows 7 or 8 Media Center PC. It's available around the world and supports all types of TV tuners and Media Center extenders The new name reinforces that the app isn't just for people using Ceton tuners and extenders.

Starting today you will see app updates on every marketplace with the My Media Center re-branding. There is no need to re-purchase the apps; simply update to the latest version for your platform and enjoy the new features and optimizations. Including new search features, Fast Tune (Android), and a lot more.


apple google amazon nook WindowsPhone_208x67_blu

Now available for Windows 8
Today we're also excited to announce My Media Center for Windows 8, which is now available in the Windows Store. It supports not only Windows 8 tablets but also laptops and desktop PCs. We have packed in all of the great features that you already love from My Media Center and have fully optimized it to take advantage of the great new features of Windows 8, including:

  • Live Tile support for recent recordings, scheduled recordings, and more
  • Optimized snap & portrait views throughout the entire app
  • Semantic zoom to easily browse all of your collections
  • Integration with the search & share charms
  • Wake on LAN support
  • Beautiful artwork throughout the app

Oh, and the app looks beautiful if we say so ourselves. We've paid a lot of attention to Windows 8 Metro/Modern UI design principles. We could talk about it all day, but here are some screenshots and a video demo that you’ll probably enjoy more!

My Media Center  Laptop movie Gallery Windows 8 Television Guide My Media Center Tablet Remote My Media Center Laptop Home

You can download it right now in WindowsStore_badge_green_en_med_67x208

New My Media Center Services
We are also pleased to announce an update for the Ceton Companion Services that run on your Windows Media Center PC, which are now also re-named My Media Center Services. You will find the update available on our website, or under the About tab when you launch the Services application on your PC. There is no need to uninstall the older Ceton Companion Services - just run the new installer and you will have all of the latest features, optimizations and bug fixes.

We hope you love this update and would love to hear from you.
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Thank you,
James & Michael